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Creative, Crafty and Cool

capability mom finds the creative maven

Just stumbled upon The Creative Maven – wow! What a great resource! She is creative and a maven, as advertised, and she writes well and she is funny, too. I am fascinated with How to Re-Upholster a Wingback Chair.  I may not (okay – full disclosure – will never) attempt this particular project but there are some smaller (hopefully easier) chairs that I would like to try.

Great DIY tips – The Maven patches jeans, makes a painted umbrella stand  and she gives tutorials on the stuff she does so you can actually attempt them with a hope of success.capability mom coveting these jeans

I found this site through Today’s Creative Blog which is moving to from Blogger to WordPress so may be down but back up soon.

Then, ‘cuz I am such a computer whiz, I also found ModPodgeRocks which it does. Rock, I mean.Great decoupage projects and I just bought a giant container of the stuff. Love it. I have only decoupaged a table and the inside of a cabinet –

capability mom decoupage table

but would willingly decoupage almost anything. Maybe I should go look at this site for ideas first before I completely cover our house in decoupaged items.

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smart phones and apps

My day begins with a cup of tea, a glance at the Boston Globe (the Sox won) then an email check (maybe some on-line dawdling, I mean social media) and then getting kids off to camp, lunches, carpool and all. It does not (yet) involve a smart phone but I think that is about to change. Hiawatha Bray, the great tech columnist for the Globe (he was introduced to our school group during a tour of the Globe last year and is very funny, too), has a column in today’s Globe about smart phones and Google’s Android operating system. Basically you can either get an iPhone (but with service only through A T & T) or any other smart phone (Samsung and Dell are featured) through any other carrier. Read more here.

capability mom looks at appsThen, in my inbox was an email from a friend (okay, I was messing around with her iPhone yesterday) about a site called Great site for developers of apps and families who want good family friendly apps.

From the site :  In November of 2009, four moms (who connected over Twitter) got on the phone to talk about their apps, how they were marketing them, and how they could work together to help spread the word. They decided to form a Google Group, and invited other mom developers to join. It quickly became a discussion, brainstorming and marketing forum about family-friendly apps. How do you successfully launch an app? What should you price it? How are you making your app compatible with iPad? You get the drill.

Besides the moms, there were also dads, aunts, grandmas and reviewers who came on board. With critical mass they launched the Moms With Apps blog, which focuses on articles about kids, technology, developers, and weekly featured apps. Over the last 9 months (no pun intended) the group has attracted over 100 parent and family-friendly developers, in addition to app reviewers and industry specialists.

There are apps for reading, apps for learning, apps for travel ( I am playing with MomMaps this morning), apps for parents, apps for fun & creativity, and apps for special needs. On Friday, they feature an app that anyone – you don’t have to be a developer – can submit – so send them your favorite app. Here is the email address: capability mom looks at appsA great site – well organized and thoughtful with cool age appropriate apps.


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Now I'm a Mom Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryI just was adding my blog to blog directories – and this popped up as a post. Since I really wasn’t planning on writing about this I will just refer you to this blog Thomas Shea where I got the directories to list my blog in…bloggapedia, blog catalog, bloghub and blogarama. It is a good idea to do this and they are free – you can pay for an upgrade, too, and one or two (I forget, it was late) work as sites to connect with other bloggers. I will let you know more when I figure it out.

It is Camp Mom week and today we cleaned Mommy Car ( I am the best Mom ever!), bought a vacuum (more tremendous fun), had pizza at The Upper Crust (getting better), went to a (double) swim birthday party (decidedly better), had a terrific dinner from Whole Foods – the fresh pasta bar in Dedham at Legacy Place – watered all of the plants we said we would water for friends, walked the dog three or more times. I did do some work tonight – cleaned up twitter and messed with some social media.

What I did not do: choose a computer (mac or pc? desktop or laptop…suggestions welcome), buy a car or in any way darken the door of a car dealership, move my blog to…no change for you, dear reader,  but it is a big deal for me.

Anyway, that’s all.

Update: I wrote this assuming that I had posted Epic Fail – a post I started a few days ago.

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get your tone right and go to a meetup for mashable

Here are some new things to check out:

A computer add-on or app that makes sure you are not too – em, inappropriate in your emails –

A Mashable meet-up on Lansdowne Street  tonight – Social media types – get going!

Have fun – I will be harvesting vegetables and trying to come up with a good recipe using stuff I did not choose…


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It must be synchronicity or something

The world works in funny ways – I have to go to Treat Cupcake Bartreat cupcake bar needham from (I know it is a tough job but I will take a hit for the team) because I have heard about it a dozen different ways in the past weeks and because I do love cupcakes and you get to build your own cupcakes so, really, it is for the children. I will report later this week.  I also have to go to Sofra – I am picking up a friend’s farm share while they are away -and the pick up spot is in the store – tough week. Earthquake cookies to go, please.  It is our turn for our shared farm share this week as well so I would love any veggie recipes or we will be eating lots and lots of salads. More baked goods but balanced by veggies, so that’s good, right? Right?capability mom goes to sofra

Then, after I put up the Woman’s Day link to those great food bloggers, another friend sent me a link to great stuff to do in Portland, Maine…from Woman’s Day! Seriously, is it time to look into this august publication again? I don’t know but so far, very promising. The website is well organized and they even make fun of their old covers here.

capability mom finds woman's dayPost Script:
Okay, something is up – I just got back from a visit to the dermatologist’s – just a look at something I thought should be looked at – and while in the waiting room of this lovely practice, I saw, yes, you guessed it…Woman’s Day magazine – so I read it, of course. The articles are good, the writing is very good and I was all set to be tucked in to this issue but the very prompt and professional staff at Krauss Dermatology did not allow a good long read. All the better. I think I should at the very least go buy my own copy at this point.

capability mm finds two great resources in woman's day magazine


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I visit the Mystic Valley Parkway and am pleasantly surprised.

Yes, the Mystic Valley Parkway, more specifically in Medford. Hmm…Capability, are you quite right today? and why were you in Medford on a Monday morning? Well, since you asked…

I had a traffic violation – What! Surely not! For what you wonder…texting while driving?  Never. Speeding, then? No, hardly my personality or within the capabilities of soon to be replaced Mommy car. Running a red light? Well, almost. Okay, first of all,  it was yellow.

It was that dicey intersection off Memorial Drive into Harvard Square – lots of lanes of traffic and some seriously aggressive drivers. I was nervous and felt like I was in the middle of the intersection and had to turn but the flashing blue lights in my rearview said otherwise. Dammit. I never get tickets because I am a rule follower and don’t do anything wrong…well, at least nothing egregious. So I got the ticket and promptly contested the ticket. I was fired up, I was in the right and I was ready to defend my actions…four years ago. Yes, I have not heard back from Cambridge Traffic until June of this year. Really. I was told they did a sweep and came up with my old ticket. Yay. My day in court! Cambridge, here I come! But not so fast, Cambridge Traffic Court moved to Medford (okay, so it’s a long story – skip to the end like you do in Cook’s Illustrated if you need to) and I had to be there by 8:30 am on a Monday morning. Hmm. That sure sounds like fun…traffic through Boston and Route 93 North and the Mystic Valley Parkway during rush hour on a Monday morning.

Long story continues… finally, July 19, my day to expunge my record, uphold my honor, set the record straight …I would triumph with my clear-headed logic and, mostly, being in the right. So scarier for me than presenting my case  in traffic court was actually getting to and finding the place. Waaay out of my comfort zone, this. But darling spouse printed clear directions and a map and after I made a few lunches, I was on my way. Note : the Mystic Valley Parkway is not identified on any street sign – evidently and as is customary for Massachusetts – you should just know it is Route 16, well, I did not but thanks to a desperate cell phone call home and a really nice court employee who had earlier told me that it was between Bertucci’s and Gold’s Gym, I found it and was there early. This is only particularly notable if you know that I am never early for anything.

SO. 8 am and time to kill and nowhere to go, barely any shade, no benches – save those across the parkway and that wasn’t happening. I walked over to Bertucci’s – which was not open until 11 – but a very gracious manager (Giovanni Cefalo) let me in and gave me water and access to the ladies’ room.  He was kind and gracious and the water was desperately needed – it was so very hot. When I finally got inside the courthouse, everyone was pleasant and professional. I waited and chatted with another woman – this is incredible –  she had a ticket from the same intersection! Really! Hmm, a more cynical person might find that suspect… Come on, Cambridge, work on that.

So my name was called and I went into a small conference room where a professional young woman introduced herself and the State Trooper. I promised to tell the truth (even raised my right hand) and then… I was dismissed. What? They couldn’t even find the ticket and I was excused, no fee, no nasty insurance surcharges but no chance to state my case (and I had practiced a little).  I was relieved and happy that it was dismissed and they could not have been nicer or more helpful.

Now, I had to figure out how to get home, which I did without incident and substantially less white knuckles on the steering wheel. I was back home by 9:30 and I stopped by the grocery store on the way. Chicken kabobs on the grill, with fresh veggies from a friend’s farm share and the farmer’s market as the celebratory dinner.

Update: My dad used to deliver newspapers along the MVP – who knew? Umm…I guess I kind of spaced that…sorry Dad.


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Joos – Day 5 – getting it right

Yesterday, six sweet little containers of Joos™ were on my doorstep – such bounty! The company started the delivery service in this area and is also available in gyms and yoga studios locally at Joos™  Depots. Perfect. Have a great workout and grab one to go. Even when I’m not doing the cleanse, I will still want this juice, it is such a great and easy way to get your veggies – although I eat a fairly healthy diet, there is no way I am getting the recommended amount of veggies every day (the recommended amount of chocolate, no problem).  I feel great today -although still hanging on to my tea – my body isn’t ready to lose that yet. Started with watermelon, a spoon of peanut butter (honey roasted) and a Joos™. It promises to be a busy day – soccer, Newton North’s Bringing Down The House and a dinner party. will I manage to keep my cleanse when out? Stay tuned to see if I can or if I cave.

Here is something cool I read on the Joos™ blog:

“Eat Your Weedies” Artlicle in Oprah Magazine: Guess what? These powerhouses are in JOOS!

I was very excited to see in the June edition of Oprah Magazine (p. 97) the article entitled “Eat Your Weedies.” Finally, the truth about our little powerhouses growing right before our eys in our front lawns is finally revealed! In fact, the article says, some of these wile greens “are so nutritious, they can make spinach look like iceburg lettuce.”

Why am I happy to see this? As people who JOOS know, we’ve been adding these wild greens to your JOOS, from chicory, to dandelion greens to even purslane.

JOOS is committed to deliver to you the most nutrient rich, fresh juice that changes with the seasons. This is why many people who drink JOOS experience reduced allergy symptoms, colds and flu.

JOOS is admittedly an acquired taste for people who have highly acidic diets, which to me is sad because it shows how much they’ve grown away from what we’re intended to eat.

The good news is that, after a couple days on JOOS, most people adjust and actually start liking the taste, because their bodies are craving the nutrients.

Here is a recipe from

Dandelion greens are packed with nutrients(vitamin E and iron) and are available both in ethnic markets and your own backyard. Blanching and combining them with tamari and ginger tames their natural bitterness.

Servings: Serves 4–6


Gingered Dandelion Greens

  • 1 bunch (about 1 pound) dandelion greens
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion , sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic , chopped
  • 3 ounces shiitake mushrooms , sliced
  • 1 tsp. chopped fresh ginger
  • 1 Tbsp. tamari or dark soy sauce
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon


Notes: You may substitute wild spinach for the dandelion greens; if you do, there is no need to trim and blanch the spinach, and you can begin by heating the olive oil in a large skillet.

Wash dandelion greens and cut off tough stems.

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Immerse greens for 1 minute; remove to a colander and run under cold water. Set aside.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Add onion and sauté over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until soft, about 4 minutes.

Add garlic and mushrooms; cook 4 minutes more.

Stir in reserved greens, ginger, and tamari. Cook 3 minutes, then remove from heat.

Add lemon juice; serve.

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