Now I'm a Mom Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryI just was adding my blog to blog directories – and this popped up as a post. Since I really wasn’t planning on writing about this I will just refer you to this blog Thomas Shea where I got the directories to list my blog in…bloggapedia, blog catalog, bloghub and blogarama. It is a good idea to do this and they are free – you can pay for an upgrade, too, and one or two (I forget, it was late) work as sites to connect with other bloggers. I will let you know more when I figure it out.

It is Camp Mom week and today we cleaned Mommy Car ( I am the best Mom ever!), bought a vacuum (more tremendous fun), had pizza at The Upper Crust (getting better), went to a (double) swim birthday party (decidedly better), had a terrific dinner from Whole Foods – the fresh pasta bar in Dedham at Legacy Place – watered all of the plants we said we would water for friends, walked the dog three or more times. I did do some work tonight – cleaned up twitter and messed with some social media.

What I did not do: choose a computer (mac or pc? desktop or laptop…suggestions welcome), buy a car or in any way darken the door of a car dealership, move my blog to…no change for you, dear reader,  but it is a big deal for me.

Anyway, that’s all.

Update: I wrote this assuming that I had posted Epic Fail – a post I started a few days ago.


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