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Creative, Crafty and Cool

capability mom finds the creative maven

Just stumbled upon The Creative Maven – wow! What a great resource! She is creative and a maven, as advertised, and she writes well and she is funny, too. I am fascinated with How to Re-Upholster a Wingback Chair.  I may not (okay – full disclosure – will never) attempt this particular project but there are some smaller (hopefully easier) chairs that I would like to try.

Great DIY tips – The Maven patches jeans, makes a painted umbrella stand  and she gives tutorials on the stuff she does so you can actually attempt them with a hope of success.capability mom coveting these jeans

I found this site through Today’s Creative Blog which is moving to from Blogger to WordPress so may be down but back up soon.

Then, ‘cuz I am such a computer whiz, I also found ModPodgeRocks which it does. Rock, I mean.Great decoupage projects and I just bought a giant container of the stuff. Love it. I have only decoupaged a table and the inside of a cabinet –

capability mom decoupage table

but would willingly decoupage almost anything. Maybe I should go look at this site for ideas first before I completely cover our house in decoupaged items.

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Epic Fail

That is what we are looking at  here –  an epic fail (and thank you to my friend, A, who named it for me).

Why? What? Okay, car is dying (but still trade-in-able), two not so old (under 3 years – Dell, thanks for asking) computers have eased into a slow non-functioning spiral of death (I had the word obsolescence here but changed it to death – it is just that they are lemons…the technology should not be obsolete after 3 years nor should the functionality), my phone battery is not holding a charge, the dishwasher works but only if I throw a cup of water into it before running it, the vacuum is pretty much a goner, two burners on the stove make a weird clicking noise when used so I don’t use them) and last night at around three am I heard a really horrible mechanical groan right before the a/c shut off – I waited (like I could sleep after that anyway) and it went back on, thankfully because that would be a tipping point…in my mental health state.

Phew, or have I breathed a sigh of relief too soon?

Okay – I pledge to buy a vacuum today – Check! Vacuum purchased -at Mr Sweeper in Waltham – a very nice, local shop that sells and repairs vacuums…I had hoped that ours could be saved…it could but it was not worth it.

I pledge to look at computers today –Umm…today? On-line – okay, store? Augh. We went to Micro Center in Cambridge on Saturday (their tagline should be “Where the geeks go” – no hate mail, please – I like geeks…but seriously, 99 percent of customers were male and one that I talked to  – he was a computer consultant  – knew so much about the Apple line (as in “…the  G5 – does yours have that loud fan problem?”) that I should have had him tell me which one to get and just have been done with it). The salesmen were nice and very knowledgeable.  We worked with Serge who was very helpful and I suspect has a PhD in Physics or something. It looks like Best Buy has similar products (looking at a PC laptop – down to Sony or Toshiba for brands) but their prices do not include Microsoft Office which adds $100 or more to the price. My head is swimming in ghz, RAM, and GB and as soon as I choose a computer I will swiftly download this knowledge from my brain so it can hold on to more important stuff like where I left my keys.


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It must be synchronicity or something

The world works in funny ways – I have to go to Treat Cupcake Bartreat cupcake bar needham from (I know it is a tough job but I will take a hit for the team) because I have heard about it a dozen different ways in the past weeks and because I do love cupcakes and you get to build your own cupcakes so, really, it is for the children. I will report later this week.  I also have to go to Sofra – I am picking up a friend’s farm share while they are away -and the pick up spot is in the store – tough week. Earthquake cookies to go, please.  It is our turn for our shared farm share this week as well so I would love any veggie recipes or we will be eating lots and lots of salads. More baked goods but balanced by veggies, so that’s good, right? Right?capability mom goes to sofra

Then, after I put up the Woman’s Day link to those great food bloggers, another friend sent me a link to great stuff to do in Portland, Maine…from Woman’s Day! Seriously, is it time to look into this august publication again? I don’t know but so far, very promising. The website is well organized and they even make fun of their old covers here.

capability mom finds woman's dayPost Script:
Okay, something is up – I just got back from a visit to the dermatologist’s – just a look at something I thought should be looked at – and while in the waiting room of this lovely practice, I saw, yes, you guessed it…Woman’s Day magazine – so I read it, of course. The articles are good, the writing is very good and I was all set to be tucked in to this issue but the very prompt and professional staff at Krauss Dermatology did not allow a good long read. All the better. I think I should at the very least go buy my own copy at this point.

capability mm finds two great resources in woman's day magazine


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yummy goods store on-line at last!

yummy goods from capabilitymomI found this store on the Cape while staying in a sweet beach house last year and loved everything in the store – I have followed her blog (Melissa Averinos – a talented fabric designer and author) and finally (!) you can order things from her sweet shop on-line. Seriously, I was ready to drive the hour plus to get a yummy goods fix. She has a small thing for unicorns – check it out  and she even has a book that makes me think I can sew. Ahem.

all goodsCategory: Storeall goods
yummy goods capability mom

Melissa Averino's Book

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I really like this website – Gwyneth has a good sense of balance – Go to Goop

Before you say, “Hey, Capability Mom is all over the place this week.” I know I am. Sometimes I like to write and….sometimes I think cut and paste is the way to go.  While I do like to write and, this is not inversely proportional, to talk, sometimes I have brain shut down. I find (although I don’t always catch it in time) that it is best to shut up when that happens (okay, I never catch this in time).

So before I say or write anything that I will regret – I might mention I have seen this happen in a blog that I like and still read but now with a more jaundiced eye – the writer was freaking out and complaining about her server being down …blah blah blah – blog content missing…and then in a really offhand and coldish way mentioned that the guy who handled the server had committed suicide and then she continued to complain.  I was actually breathless with indignation and my fingers hovered over the keys to send a nasty retort but I couldn’t do it.  When I went to the site later – the post was gone, leaving me feeling as if I imagined it.  I know I didn’t and that someone else read it and told her she ought to take it down.  I still read the blog but not as often.

Anyway, here is a site that I really like and if you think I am a celebrity follower, I am not. I just think some people have a great deal to share and that this is a well-written and great site.

Goop is Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog and before you denounce it as a celebrity blog, check it out. Categories are Make, Go, Get, Be, Do, See and the recommendations are lovely, not overly spendy (well, some of the shopping, maybe) but restaurants, activities, exercise tips, healthy recipes and acts of kindness to yourself and others. Great lunchbox tips – I can always use those – here

goop do lunch box

My sister (from the West) will periodically send me the link and I recently subscribed to the newsletter. Yesterday we both read it at the same time and loved it and it happens to be timely for us. This post features a
book by Marcy Silverman Do Good:201 Ways to Lend a Hand. Lovely.

Peace out.


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Our water is back! I am buying one (or two) of these…

The boil water order has been lifted for all communities affected by the ban – except Saugus (which needs more testing) – Got to the MWRA site for info on what to do next. MWRA

Here is a wonderful idea (I found it on Urban Daddy…why do I read this? Am I urban or a daddy? No, neither but they always find cool products and I just ignore the less applicable items – of which there are many). This is a dishwasher safe, freezable, reusable, collapsible (when empty) water bottle from the Vapur company. vapur water bottles on capability mom – From Vapur’s website

Bottled Water Trend

It is really cool, earth-friendly and great – especially when the water from your tap is okay which ours now is. Off to flush the water lines!


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As if you don’t have enough on your plate – a Monday Morning Update: Children’s Tylenol, Baby Gap and Graco recalls and MWRA boil water order still in effect.

mwra breach capability mom blogI have to say, the stores I have been to since the water main broke have been civilised, no pushing or knocking each other over for the last Poland Spring gallon. People are concerned but seem to be taking it in stride and I have had a few (!) conversations about this.  Here is the latest from  Click here for the information for Newton and here for a story about how businesses are coping with the boil water order.

Nice for the water companies that this is their Super Bowl  – even I, who posted this  The Story of Bottled Water just bought three cases worth.

As for the product recall for Children’s liquid Tylenol –  Here is McNeil’s Press Release :

McNeil offers a phone number for consumers to call: 1-888-222-6036 and on Monday through Friday 8 AM to 10 PM EST and Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can also visit the website
Read more:

There are two other recalls – Pragmatic Mom has the scoop – one from Baby Gap (infant swimsuits) and Graco (drop side cribs).

Off to clean my counters with…pond water? Just kidding…Disinfectant spray.

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