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smart phones and apps

My day begins with a cup of tea, a glance at the Boston Globe (the Sox won) then an email check (maybe some on-line dawdling, I mean social media) and then getting kids off to camp, lunches, carpool and all. It does not (yet) involve a smart phone but I think that is about to change. Hiawatha Bray, the great tech columnist for the Globe (he was introduced to our school group during a tour of the Globe last year and is very funny, too), has a column in today’s Globe about smart phones and Google’s Android operating system. Basically you can either get an iPhone (but with service only through A T & T) or any other smart phone (Samsung and Dell are featured) through any other carrier. Read more here.

capability mom looks at appsThen, in my inbox was an email from a friend (okay, I was messing around with her iPhone yesterday) about a site called MomswithApps.com. Great site for developers of apps and families who want good family friendly apps.

From the site :  In November of 2009, four moms (who connected over Twitter) got on the phone to talk about their apps, how they were marketing them, and how they could work together to help spread the word. They decided to form a Google Group, and invited other mom developers to join. It quickly became a discussion, brainstorming and marketing forum about family-friendly apps. How do you successfully launch an app? What should you price it? How are you making your app compatible with iPad? You get the drill.

Besides the moms, there were also dads, aunts, grandmas and reviewers who came on board. With critical mass they launched the Moms With Apps blog, which focuses on articles about kids, technology, developers, and weekly featured apps. Over the last 9 months (no pun intended) the group has attracted over 100 parent and family-friendly developers, in addition to app reviewers and industry specialists.

There are apps for reading, apps for learning, apps for travel ( I am playing with MomMaps this morning), apps for parents, apps for fun & creativity, and apps for special needs. On Friday, they feature an app that anyone – you don’t have to be a developer – can submit – so send them your favorite app. Here is the email address: momswithapps@gmail.com. capability mom looks at appsA great site – well organized and thoughtful with cool age appropriate apps.


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WT ?#! Wednesdays – product reviews, lost great favorites and more

Yes, I know it is Monday. Easter wasn’t that hectic. Sheesh. I am writing this in advance so you can participate. I will not publish real names or emails and you can make a suggestion or ask a question and it will be confidential. I promise.

Here is the premise: If you have ever seen or purchased a product and thought – ‘What were they thinking?’, then this is your forum. Personally, I talk to the television all the time (not that I am watching that much tv, but still).  I’ll review products and make helpful (?) suggestions to the manufacturers. Won’t they be thrilled? I am thinking along the lines of the Snuggie and the Slanket (now there is a name) to kitchen gadgets and random impulse purchases (yours or mine).

What is the last thing you saw that you said WTF? Are you an early adapter? Do you try/buy/go to the latest and greatest or do you wait for the reviews?

Or are you miffed when a favorite item changes and you can’t get it anymore? Jeans, sneakers, bras – what are the favorites you had/have/want back? What lengths have you gone to in order to find favorites? Amazon, Ebay? Yard sales?

Email me at capabilitymom@verizon.net and let me know your least favorite (new or old) thing or most beloved and possibly lost forever item. I will post on Wednesday the results.

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