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Today, I look like an organized and together person when really I am not

While ferrying around in my trusty Mommy Car today, one stop was for the Library fundraiser – I was to drop off blank name cards at a fellow volunteer’s house.  She is going to use her (as yet unsung) skill in calligraphy to transform these randomly cut cards ( so green of me, I used the back of a calendar).  I had a big piece of plastic to protect them from the rain but hadn’t thought to leave them for her in a nice package.  Fortunately, Mommy Car is loaded with stuff and I was able to find a rubber band (from my stack on the gear shift from the take out sushi from Whole Foods) and further searching revealed a post-it note (although slightly wrinkled, not written on save for the cute PMS  joke on it) and a (working) pen.  I wrote a note, thanking my generous friend, put in on the (now ripped to normal size) plastic  over the (green) cards securing it with the rubber band and dropped it on her porch.  It looked like I may have even thought to package it this way before I left the house.  Not so.  Oh, well, now she knows I am really a disorganized wretch that sometimes lands on my feet and is pleased as punch but sometimes feels so guilty for looking together that I tell on myself.

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Safety first

tire information
Check the DOT number

Okay, I worry quite a bit mostly about things I can’t do anything about but generally I am not an alarmist.  However, given the news on auto safety lately, it is important to be informed.  Here is something I can do something about.  I was shocked to find out that there are  new tires being sold that do not meet safety standards because of the age of the tires.  This 20/20 report on ABC News was sent to me and I hope you check out your tires now.  I would post more – maybe about the runaway car – but I am going to check my own tires. 

Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? – ABC News.

Since I am all auto today, here is the runaway Toyota Prius story –

Prius With Stuck Accelerator Glides to Safe Stop – ABC News.

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