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double down = double disgusting – who is eating this stuff?

kfc double down

If you haven’t heard about the latest release from KFC, here is it. Looks like a heart attack on a plate to me.

Here, from the LA Times – http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/comments_blog/2010/04/kfc-double-down-sandwich-will-you-be-buying.html

 and this from the NY Times –


and from ABC News – http://abcnews.go.com/Business/slideshow/calories-fast-foods-biggest-indulgences-10336424

and, of course, The Washington Post who reminds us that the other fast food offerings are as bad…



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Safety first

tire information
Check the DOT number

Okay, I worry quite a bit mostly about things I can’t do anything about but generally I am not an alarmist.  However, given the news on auto safety lately, it is important to be informed.  Here is something I can do something about.  I was shocked to find out that there are  new tires being sold that do not meet safety standards because of the age of the tires.  This 20/20 report on ABC News was sent to me and I hope you check out your tires now.  I would post more – maybe about the runaway car – but I am going to check my own tires. 

Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? – ABC News.

Since I am all auto today, here is the runaway Toyota Prius story –

Prius With Stuck Accelerator Glides to Safe Stop – ABC News.

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