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Tomatoes Everywhere

Q & A Devra First at

Sometimes you find things you didn’t even know you were looking for – thank you, W). This was in yesterday’s Boston Globe (in the Ideas section).  An article about the history of tomatoes under Q & A (an interview by Devra First with David Gentilcore, professor of early modern history at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom). Gentilcore wrote Pomodoro! A History of the Tomato in Italy.  It is difficult to imagine Italian food without the tomato and this is especially timely as we are following an Italian cooking theme in our house this week. If I am a little late in writing it is not because I am making dinner – because my children did and it was wonderful.  Truly better than anything I have been turning out lately.  So – our menu included fresh green salad with creamy Parmesan dressing, fantastic bruschetta, braised chicken with peas and potatoes (delicious!) and a Parmesan parsley risotto (as good as it sounds)…oh, dessert, too (yes – although I didn’t need it). Triple chocolate biscotti and a lemon pudding-like confection that I forget the name of – like a semifreddo but not quite that.  I am slow in getting going today because we are just back from a weekend in the Berkshires and I had some things to catch up on. Now that I have tackled part of that list, I have a new list…great, right?  Some of the things were easy – get light bulbs, confirm camp registration – you know, the usual. Couldn’t get the dog washed – they are closed today but did everything else – well, almost everything else. I will post the recipes from dinner under Recipes – Tried and True and write about the Berkshire trip, too.


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Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes

What am I going to do with all of these tomatoes?

capability mm to fields of greens

Fields of Greens - Annie Somerville

Well, I would eat them plain (with salt is heaven) but I think I need to share with the other members of my family who won’t eat them that way. Continue reading


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Healthy Recipes – Comfort Food Recipes at

Okay, the last time I read Woman’s Day magazine was probably at the dentist’s or my  mom’s house but it looks like I might have to check it out again. This article gives some really interesting healthy recipes from food bloggers – I am posting here for you (because I am that nice) but really as a way to book mark it so I don’t forget where I put it. I am struggling to come up with healthy meals this summer, despite (or maybe because of) the surplus of veggies at my disposal. Every other week I get a farm share and the farmer’s market has been filled with gorgeous fruits and vegetables that I want to try but sometimes I don’t know what to do with them except put them in a salad…I know, but it has been hot and cooking something yo know how to make is one thing, learning a new recipe is much more time consuming. I am glad for this new resource…check it out. Also, the article links to a bunch of food blogs I hadn’t yet found!

Healthy Recipes – Comfort Food Recipes at Here from Verbatim is a great local resource – a CSA that solves my weekly dilemma of  veggie surplus.


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Boston Book Festival: a dinner party and books (and their authors)

Am I dreaming? I just found out that I am going to a dinner party with authors Dennis Lehane and Joseph Finder. I am the  back-up, back-up date for a friend whose first two picks (her husband and a charming, beautiful accomplished friend) fell through…I don’t mind being the A-minus list date – it will be such fun!  It is a dinner set up through the Boston Book Festival – you can click through to their site.  The second annual festival is October 16, 2010 and here is a video of highlights from the first one.

So – two constant and current loves of mine – books and food –  what could be better?  I know, the featured authors will be discussing how they feel about the film adaptations of their books!  Really, this is too much – I am someone who always “casts” the book for a movie – (Note to Hollywood, I am available) and usually my book group does it together – and I have to say, we are pretty good at it.

How do you feel when a favorite books becomes a movie?  Trepidacious? Excited?

Joseph Finder Vanished
Dennis Lehane Shutter Island


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