Young Adult Fiction

I am a sucker for a good young adult fiction book. I can tell you that I like to read them to preview them for my children which is true but I also thoroughly enjoy the writing and the themes.

Here are a few that I have recently read and loved:

heartbeat – Sharon Creech – I always love her.  This one is especially beautiful and unusually written. The family of this young girl is expecting a baby and the gorgeous writing takes you through growing pains, friendship, family, change and acceptance.

getting near to baby – Audrey Couloumbis – A 2000 Newbery Honor Book.  A family deals with the loss of a baby sister. Lovely and poignant.

The Tiger Rising – Kate DiCamillo – National Book Award Finalist.  Florida, tiger, (sounds like Hiaasen, yes?)  love, heartache and friendship. Great story.

Al Capone Does My Shirts – Gennifer Choldenko – A sweet novel about a family who moves to Alcatraz Island, a child with autism and her brother’s plan for helping her. Amazing writing – a coming of age novel for all.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak.  This is an amazing book. Set in Germany before and during World War II. Gorgeous language, story and characters. Death is the narrator which is off-putting at first but you learn that Death is not unkind and you start to like him and you fall in love with the characters.


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