Books and Educational Games

I love to read. I have a car book (and usually a New Yorker magazine), a stack of books next to my side of the bed, books on loan from friends, I have a slight problem not buying books…I have created two book-worms and that is fine with me – hell, more than fine, I wanted them to love reading as much as I do.

I will list our favorites and maybe figure out a way for you to list your favorites, too. I am so not techie but I have delusions of techie-ness and think I can figure out how to make a poll on this site. so far – no luck.

One response to “Books and Educational Games

  1. You’ll probably love this website where they provide quizzes which will encourage your kids to read so they can score higher which means they will earn more points for a chance to win cool prizes like shirts, bags and other electronic gadgets like Flip, iPod, Wii, X-Box ang other cool stuffs. They also provide educational games like Geography games, Math cool games, memory games that your kids will enjoy and learn at the same time.

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