An Outing with Baby

Pack for the day:

Diaper bag – at least two diapers and a handful more of wipes than you think you will need in adorable diaper bag of choice – here are a few.

Vera Bradley

Oi oi


Have a change of clothes for the baby (two is better, they are small), and at the very least a backup shirt for you) sweater or extra blanket and binkies (if applicable), bottle of water, a damp face cloth in a ziplock bag.  Age appropriate food/snacks. I packed whole avocados once babies were eating, bananas are good, too.

First aid kit: bandaids, antibiotic lotion, small tubes of Aquafor (favorite product ever), tweezers or mini-swiss army knife, any antihistamines you may need and age appropriate Tylenol or Motrin.

I often packed a diaper bag to carry and a car bag to keep for back-up stuff (like the extra clothing and blankets, snacks for you and child – hermetically sealed – of course, water, juice boxes). I always have kid books in my car, markers or crayons and a car book for me. The car book is great if you have car nappers and can pull into a park and read for a few minutes. It also comes in handy when your children are older and you are forced to wait for them in pick-up lines at school or camp.

Music of choice – children’s music is much cooler now and if you are smart, you can get them to listen to your stuff for a while. I am not that smart and endured quite a few years of kid music. Good books on tape are to be had as well.  I remember loving Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess on tape as we drove around.

Stroller – your choice, fleets are to be had and there are hundreds to choose from.

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