What Would Capability Mom Do?

Capability Mom's Over Prepared Badge

Mom Badge

This is meant to be a (non) exhaustive reference for stuff life throws your way, like red wine spills or explosive diaper situations, you know, stuff like that.  I do like to read about everything (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing) and I am a perpetual worrier, so I am generally over-prepared.  I can pack light if I have to (okay, no, I really can’t, that is a lie). My car ( a ten-year old Volvo wagon named Mommy Car)  has a life hammer in case  you find yourself in a body of water (this was a joke gift but, still, I keep it in the car), a collapsible traffic cone that lights up (another gift),  a first aid kit, snacks, mints, five dollars ( just in case – I usually use this and forget to replace it), change for meters, water, lip balm, elastic bands, hair and others, towels, plastic bags (always, always handy) and my kids are older now.  Just imagine what I used to have in there. 

I also am an admitted germaphobe. My family thinks I wrote the copy for the Purell ad (“Don’t touch that”) and I am no fun in public bathrooms or places of questionable sanitation (there are many of these places).  In lieu of being a Howard Hugh-like recluse/freak, I compensate and always have Purell (unless I am with like-minded people who I know always have Purell and then I can forget mine). 

I am also the oldest of five children (read: bossy, know-it-all) and the mother of two (read: same). So. If you are game after this, read on!


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