What can’t Martha do?

Check this out – Martha Stewart has a new show – Martha Bakes – and above is a picture from Twitpic  – Yum, breakfast!

I am sure it will be wonderful and I do have to day that ever recipe I have ever tried from Ms. Stewart has been great.  Looking forward to seeing more about it. Today on Martha is The Fresh Food Show – with all of the great fruits and vegetables in season now it should be gorgeous. Hey, do I work for Martha? I mean I am kind of gushing here, nope. Just enthusiastic about something really well done.


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4 responses to “What can’t Martha do?

  1. Love the photo and she does make beautiful creations!

  2. Martha Martha Martha What will she do next! We can always use another show about yummy cupcakes!

  3. No – I have just been on a big cupcake binge lately (right in the middle of a diet)! Have you ever been to @CamiCakes in Atlanta, GA? They are cupcakes from God!

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