pies and pesto but not necessarily in that order

strawberry pieHere is a great post I found with a lovely berry pie recipe. I am really into the berries right now and just made a great strawberry pie with berries my family picked this weekend.

I am not a thorough baker and forgot steps in my pie recipe but it was very forgiving (and the berries were that good) – my family thinks I should mess it up the same way next time. I’ll try.

This is the recipe that I used, not because I am shortening-averse (although I am … a little) but because I didn’t have any and did not want to go to the store.  It was great and would have been better if I had remembered to add the ice water – really tough to roll out the dough – it was like a shortbread – hmm, it may have actually been shortbread… and I also forgot to add the butter until it was in the oven (that’s okay – easy to do through the holes of my shortbread crust).strawberry pie By now you are thinking, what did you remember to do? I used terrific ingredients and we had fun making it.

I am also into pesto right now – here is another great recipe with a twist. So summer is here – make the ratatouille again, too.



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2 responses to “pies and pesto but not necessarily in that order

  1. Ok I now realise I should never come here on an empty stomach! I love pesto too – make it was a perennial basil I grow. Yummy!

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