Although no one would call Capability Mom the most stylish…

amalia bag at capability mom…stop your snort laughing, peeps!  I do love to shop and love beautiful things. I just don’t always put them together on myself but I can.  Really, I can. Please do not call Stacey and Clinton. I am fine.
amalia website bag - capability mom

A really good family friend (and mompreneur, Penelope Thal-Nir, has a new business venture and it is so cool…it is a designer clothing site from Israel (okay, my friend does know how to dress).  Go to her site Amalia and check out the gorgeous stuff. I have seen some of it here – her mom and sisters are styling around in it, too – great bags like this one and this absolutely gorgeous one at the top of this page. The price points are really nice and affordable (okay, the leather bag is expensive but  beautifully made and classic). Seriously sweet shoes like these…amalia shoes capability mom

Here are some of the Designers:     Go ahead – click on the names – I have put in the links for you.

Sarah Braun

Ido Recanati

Alef Alef



Anya Fleet

Shani Bar


Yotam Friedman

…and this great shirt dress and day dress. I do so need day dresses. Why? If I lunch it is at a sandwich shop…because I am a woman of a certain age – almost a certain age – ahem – and I think I should have a few. Just in case. These are perfect.  There is a really cool side bar feature that lets you search the site by color and price. Very clever…love it.

amalia shirt dress at capability momday dress amalia capability momHere is Penelope’s facebook page for Amalia.


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One response to “Although no one would call Capability Mom the most stylish…

  1. Hey, no laughing. I have personally seen Capability:Mom gussied up and she looks gooood!

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