Why I Blog – Magazine – The Atlantic

capability mom goes to fenwayThis is an amazingly thoughtful and wonderfully written  piece (sent to me by a lovely and thoughtful friend)  by Andrew Sullivan who writes but much better than I can  Why I Blog – Magazine – The Atlantic.

Here is a link from Pragmatic Mom (on CoffeeShopBloggers where we also write)about why moms blog. http://www.coffeeshopbloggers.com/2010/04/understanding-why-moms-blog-from-kevin.html

Happy Reading! If you are wondering why I haven’t posted all weekend, it is because I was having what my sister-in-law called a “Rock Star” weekend. We were out three nights (in a row!) until midnight each night. Maybe I should call it my Cinderella weekend. I ate delicious food, had wonderful wine, danced, hung out with fun friends and cheered for the home team. Oh, almost forgot – saw the Cavaliers exit the bus at their hotel on Friday after their victory over the Celtics – they all looked like their knees were killing them -a brush with stardom moment – LeBron James and company.

Dinner out Friday with lovely friends and food, a wonderful Bat Mitzvah party on Saturday (more lovely friends and food) and the Red Sox game on Sunday (even more lovely friends and only a little food -thankfully). I also managed a Mother’s Day lunch (Tapas) with family, and a soccer game.  Capability Mom might have to go a juice fast. My coach already turned back into my 10 year old station wagon and I will be working in the yard spreading mulch today, so I think it is safe to say I am back to real life.



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2 responses to “Why I Blog – Magazine – The Atlantic

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  2. Everyone needs to feel like a rockstar from time to time.

    Thanks for dropping by the blogfrog discussion!!


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