BakeSpace and litl webbook meet and greet was a blast

Last night I got to go to a food blog party!  – Well, I am almost a food blogger…anyway – it was held by a company called who hosted it with  Bakespace.  These are two really cool companies that are working together – the litl webbook is a computer that flips to an easel (see above – it is way cool and that is not me in the pic, thanks, though) and Bakespace is a recipe swap and food social network.  There were wonderful people and lovely, lovely cupcakes from Sweet.  A nice glass of white wine for me (okay, okay, I had a cupcake, too, chocolate with chocolate frosting if you need to know) and some chatting with interesting people who love food and blogging about food.  Sounds rough, right?  Oh, the hardships of the blogging world (Is now a good time to mention what I had to clean-up in the mudroom? No, let it remain a mystery).  So maybe I deserve an hour out? I just ran three errands (including grocery store) and walked the dog (the party responsible for what I cleaned up in the mudroom). So. Litl gave away a seriously sweet webbook (okay, I am covetous) – the winner was a super nice woman who has a food blog  called Sliced and Diced – Check it out. Well, Off to a field trip now.



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3 responses to “BakeSpace and litl webbook meet and greet was a blast

  1. That was fun, wasn’t it! I love the food blogger community — really nice people, especially Babette at Bakespace. She’s such a rockstar!

    Pragmatic Mom

  2. Tough Love Mom

    Just ONE cupcake?

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