WT ?#! Wednesdays – product reviews, lost great favorites and more

Yes, I know it is Monday. Easter wasn’t that hectic. Sheesh. I am writing this in advance so you can participate. I will not publish real names or emails and you can make a suggestion or ask a question and it will be confidential. I promise.

Here is the premise: If you have ever seen or purchased a product and thought – ‘What were they thinking?’, then this is your forum. Personally, I talk to the television all the time (not that I am watching that much tv, but still).  I’ll review products and make helpful (?) suggestions to the manufacturers. Won’t they be thrilled? I am thinking along the lines of the Snuggie and the Slanket (now there is a name) to kitchen gadgets and random impulse purchases (yours or mine).

What is the last thing you saw that you said WTF? Are you an early adapter? Do you try/buy/go to the latest and greatest or do you wait for the reviews?

Or are you miffed when a favorite item changes and you can’t get it anymore? Jeans, sneakers, bras – what are the favorites you had/have/want back? What lengths have you gone to in order to find favorites? Amazon, Ebay? Yard sales?

Email me at capabilitymom@verizon.net and let me know your least favorite (new or old) thing or most beloved and possibly lost forever item. I will post on Wednesday the results.


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