I get all fluster-y

Seriously that came out of my mouth today. I know. Basically I was switching capabilitymom.wordpress.com to capabilitymom.com and went to the Go Daddy site with a kick-ass tutorial courtesy of http://coffeeshopbloggers.blogspot.com/ and even though I had that and had read the WordPress info, I pushed a wrong button. Swear words, fast breathing and desperate clicking all ensued.  I managed to get help on the line and tech support at Go Daddy was wonderful (unlike tech support at Verizon which, at least yesterday, was lacking – more on that fascinating waste of an hour of my life later).  The nice man found my account, walked me through the pages I know I should have seen before the fateful click but hadn’t, and all set. Phew. I did utter the above phrase to the tech guy and I do believe I heard a suppressed laugh as I explained why even his most basic instructions were taking me so much time.  Nicely done, I am breathing just fine, now, thanks.


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  1. Yay! The worst part is over!

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