Spring tease

In New England we get a few nice days and you are deluded into thinking it is Spring.  Not yet. We will get our share of  more gray rainy days with a chance of snowy ones…so please do not put away those snowpants  yet (it is a well-known fact that it causes weather pattern changes). Yesterday was sunny, warm and glorious and we spent much of the day outside, taking walks, riding bikes and playing soccer. Here are some fun things to do for those other, maybe less uncooperative days…

Take a walk at Gore Place (http://www.goreplace.org/education/take-a-walk.htm) – Great year-round family activity.

Get creative  at Art Beat in Arlington – great art studio http://www.artbeatonline.com/ or try this art studio for young ones in Cambridge http://www.muckykids.com/.



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2 responses to “Spring tease

  1. When do you think is the right time to plant those baby lettuces in the garden? Wait a few weeks?! I wanted to plant arugula and other salad greens to harvest all spring and summer.

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