Pay it forward

Last night I went to a fundraiser for Web of Benefit  which is a nonprofit organization that helps women affected by domestic violence. It was a wonderful presentation and their philosophy is unique.  “Web of Benefit operates under a “pay it forward” philosophy, where each woman assisted contributes to the Web of Benefit network by doing three good works, on whatever level she is able, for other women in need.”  thus truly extending the web.  The founder’s clear statement about women achieving their dreams was impressive.

Go to their website   or find them on Facebook  – Web of Benefit.  It was a lovely evening put together by a group of women committed to finding non-profits that are exceptional and focusing their own grassroots fundraising on these organizations. More about them later.



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4 responses to “Pay it forward

  1. W

    Nice topic this morning although we missed you last night.

  2. Thank you so much for this positive write about us at Web of Benefit, Inc.
    We very much appreciate your support and were glad that you could join us and the wonderful women at Step Up.
    It is our belief that women working together can change the world and that no dream is ever big enough! Together we are changing lives, one woman at a time.

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